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. the officcal ruling in pnnhony anderson's death released tonight. tonight. keith daniels, live at city police heaaquarters where the family calls it proof of another case of police brutality.. keith. keith. jeff and jennifer.... it'ssa stories between what police say happenedd. and what witnesses say happened. but thing is clear. it's a homicide. ///////////////////vo/////////// /33 aaderson died after a confrontation with baltimore city police september 21....... according to the autoppy blunt-force injury. he suffeeed from broken ribs a also a head injury.. a re wass hemorrage to his left temporal. inittally, poliie say they caught anderson in aadrug dealland that e choked on drugs. witnesses, includiig anderson's mother, say officers beat the 46-year-old man toodeath as he walked frrm a ccrner store avenue. mootford - - 3 "tony suffered on that ot. &phe was haadcuffed and want the officers fired. we 3 the city ssate's attorney's th - office and police continues tonight. then ultimately, prosecutors will decide whether c
the city. today... / its... tenants... in a northeast baltimore apartment commlex.../ were... forced out.../ on... the street. crime and justice reporter ... joy lepola.../ investigates... whether its a case... of... taxpayer dollars... being wasted. ((pkg)) time as run 3 ttat didn'' happenwas supposed o do but 10:02:52 that's what it the organization.10:02:52 that's what it was supposed to do but that didn't happen 3 that didn't happenwas supposed to do but 10:02:52 that's what it the organization.dollars to help the city had property. he thousands of dollars to help the organization..0:02::2 ttat's what it was supposed to do but that didn't appen the executive the executive director for the prisonnrs aid association said that the asssciation no longer exists. hh says several if you're looking for a home to rent.. there's a scam list...toniggt. and itss - already cost one wwman thousands of ddllars... dollars... ttke a good look at this home on kolb pvenuu.. he fake ads say the house ii for rent.. but it's not. rusty miller.. a
accountable or their wronggul actions by thheballimore city police department" department" "this is a situation weeve never experienced efore the family and officers iit involved, " been charged with any ave not - wwonngoiig.the prooess is thhs, the baltimore city police homicide section will do its independent investigaiton...then it is up whetter anyychargessare filed. live in downtown baltimore, jp fox45 news at ten. 3 a... baltimore ccty student... accused of staabing a classmate... is... held without bai. bail.the... juuge... darrell johns... were released.../// teen... has... for... p johnn mother..../ the decision came as a shock. sot 2:15:27i'mmjust uuset that the judge didn't look and listen to the fact that y son was just acting in self defeese he feared for his life. llfe.johns.... s accused of stabbing aastudent... at... heritageehigh... this week....//his ffmily... says... johns was being bulliee...///.a claam,... hhs victim's an nidentified man was lanvale street near kirby lane. nine last night in the city's - harlem par
. love says se got the idea years ago, and says hee city needs somethinggpositive.after visittrs prayedd they were able to browse through donated cloohing and food. 3 3 48----eople... lost... their lives... in... hurricane ssndy...// nd... welcome... to... the late edition.../ i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jenniffr gilbert. foo those who weee ableeto &pride out the storm, the main &pcoocern tonighh is power and storm that inflicted 20 biilion dollars in damage. &pdamage. streaming.. live... .. outssie... m nd t bank stadium.... where. .. bge rews... are... planning their next moves... jennifer...... hundreds of powee crews from as far away as new meeico and texas re joiiing forces with bggeto et the jjb done....... crews gather here.. get their &passignmeets.. and then, they roll ut. out. harford county is one of the dark. we caughttup - making repairs after igh re wwnds knocked down a huge tree. &p t fell n power liiee. crosses that hold the iisulators. energized custtmers ost powee. and e. tonight, crews say
the gam. 3 3 3 first on fox, disbelief and anger tonnght.. for a pother who learned a city police officer won't face crrminal charges for his her daughter's shootinn. &pshootinn. edith turnage i the mother of 13-year-old city state's attorney'ssoffice won't be filing criminal &pchaages against officer john ward... who'' connected to monae's murder case. in a prosecutorr say simply.. day, - there's insufficient evidence 3o file charres agaiist ward. - &pto feel aaout my daughter.. - that's insane, it's very off, everybody walk free. whatt ind of stuff is that!?" the easterr district, was pnder nvestigation followinn monae's shooting.. the officer was suspendee whee of ward's personal car. tonight, a police inttrnal pwrd's actions continues. a... 16... year old... high school sttdent... is dead,...// and... er... ffmily... wants your hell... po... fight ack... tonnght. tonightt ah--jee... harrod... was ound dead... in... the middle... of a street... sunday night...//.toniggt 11 thousaad ppge dedicated to finding the teen's killer. in...
the trooper shot murphy.he's expected to recover from the gunshot wound. two city transportation empllyees admit to selling 30 ooned scrap metal to a private &pcompany and pocketing the proceeds.prosecutors say lee kane and theodore wojtas sold more than 300 thousand pounds poncaaird facility.todayy each receivedda 10-yeaa suspended &psentence.while they avoided jail time, bott have been ordered o pay full first on fox,.../ an... officer... who's ssspected of pelping.... cover up... the shooting... of a child... won't be charged... with a crime. crimm. keith daniels... live... the... prosecutors' decision.. keith. keith. jeff...... p the city state's attorney's offiie made that deccsion in august.. ut released the news today.. only affer we called following up on the investigation. this stttement.. proseccuors clear an officee.. and tte viccim's family ii not pleased with prosecutors. prosecutors. david wright is the uncle who found his niece shot and killed in an alley in east baltimore.......later, wright leerned a baltimore city of he eastern district,
... off he of the city's... most dangerous neighboohoodd ...// all... over paperwork....// crime... and usticeereporter joy controversial change... in policy.../ and... it. its a story you're seeing first on fox. 3 ((pkg look live in studio)) this issue hassalot of people in the business of fighttng &pcrime not wwnting to talk ut possible retribution by some jjdges. aad, it's ll over a signature! ((vo)) at issue is the use of electronic ddouments. fox 45's iinesttgative team obtained this lettee that bans the practice. it was written by ddstrict court chief judge ben states..."...a digital it he - signature on these documents ii not fully supporttd by llw..." and that ... " ink-on-paper signature is required..." for officers in the city, some say a written signature amounts to more iie off the street doing paperwork. in the past, charging documents would be wrrtten aad trannmitted eeectronically. an efficienttapproach stronnly supported by the baltimore cityystate's attorney's office. still, there areecritics tt the electrooic signature... carter is also
runs short. phort.morgan adsit joiis us live from yankke tadium in new york city... city... 3 roll cuu: "tigers in 3he alcs""- sot roll cue: "been a greet ride" 3 3 even though this has been a great season... it's a tough llss to take tonight tonightkeith daniels hhssbeen with orioles fans all night... keeth... what are fans saying tt tonight 3 3 breeking news right now...out of north baltimore...police are investigating a shooting on east 26th street...a woman was found in the street... shot n theead.sheeis in critical condition aa this hour...homicide detectives are investigating two men accused of arrangiig the murder of an 18-year old outsidetowsontown center lastt year learntheir att. fate.this is what it looked like... six daas before christmas... at toosontown pollowed...through the mall... and then shot ddad outsiiee. pposeeuuors say william ward the third...and frank williims &precruited... 18--ear old tyrone carry out the murder.. retaliation for an alleggd ccime...that pridget committee..... (shellenbergerr "it wassa horrible, premeditated mu
.. possibly a baltimmre city highhsccool stuuent is stabbed in the tonight as police question a person of interrst. &pheritage high school ---which ii part of the lake clifftn complex....--- just before 11 o'clock.. school nurse treated him efore beiiggtaken to the hospital.the school was temporarily unner lookdown. student (no name given): "on the speaker, ttey were saying it's a ''ode blue'. somebody that wasn't upposed to be in the school was in the theee. so,,they made eveeybody tay in the schools and thhn everybody was saying sooebody got stabbed." stabbed."a ballimore citt schools spokesperson said it was an altercation between two students.theee was a police this afternoon. a baltimore county chargeeof a youtt program...has bben arrested for seeually abusing boys.this ii anthony cottll of owings mmlls.police say a boy prom hallthorpp contacted them past wwek......saying he ad been abused while cottle was livingginnhii home....he aaso told police he witnessed &paaother boy being abused. crews ii anne arunnel county worked to clear a fire attan aparttent buil
a project some caal inntitutional racism. 1710 this yooth jail for baltimore city is just slavery by &paanther name 16 hundreds of younn people and community leaders gatheeed innannapolis today... to protest a lan to build a nee 70-million doolaa youth detention center in eest is supported byygovernor hich 3 o'malley - has been at the demonnsrations... since it was approved n 2006. 2127 let's move mmryland forward in a different way, mister governor, we ddn't want the jail 32 supporters offthe jail say it will help address the being housed wwthhadults. ut opponents say there are better options. shaq 2437 we ave aa state that doesn't want to invest money into recreation money into a 79 illion dollars youth detention faaility. some things are just wrong 50 maaor stephanie to discuss the issuu more with the governor... befooe taking a stance. mayor 414 you can build a million jails, that's neither here nor there. it's making sureethey ever get filled up, and that what i that ally took pllce before the senate bbdget and taxation committee's hearing ttday on decide whether to
of the burning word et on what cuaaed the fire. baltimorr city police hhve charged a oman in connection with tte murder of a 13- year-old girl. boys who were playing with a &pgun. the mother of one of has been charged with helping poliie say hr dna was found alford was dating john ward, officer who was just cleared guu was found in his car. e alford'' attorney says shh will be turning herself in 3 bad day for driiers in &pplace to park their cars. the &phawaii kai park and ide is suppose to be a convenient stop forrdrivers...but when the sun goes own cars are replaccd by cats...hundreds of them. the cityyhas possedd signs telling park ussrs nnt instead enlisted a group to care for the hundred cats have already bben fixed in the pst 6 months-all out of the groups wn pocket. but residents say while the groups geettre issnnce....the increasing number of felines hhve gotten out of contrrl. 3bad day for workers at a missiisippi ffice...who had to deaa with a disgruntled &pporker.. f a differeen sort. sorr."don't break your legs man." (nats) ((ats) take a ll
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11